Being in the UK currently means social distancing and only traveling when absolutely necessary. Royal Mail have commited to continue their service for as long as possible. So with this in mind and not wanting to either become infected or to help spread the infection, we are suggesting the following :-

If you wish to reserve stamps, please go ahead and order them and we will send your order as soon as Royal Mail is able. This way you are guaranteed the stamps even if you won't see them for a while. 

If you want the stamps now, please do not order, as you will be likely be disappointed. Sorry. 

Thank you for your understanding during this time and please, be careful out there. AllStamps - Pete.

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Stamps for sale from the British Empire and Commonwealth. Also Stamps of Countries and Colonies of the World set out in sets, singles, odd items and bargain lots,new stock is added occassionally.

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    Featured Stamps    
SG Ref. Description Condition # Sets Price  
0048-0072(1) Aden ref-10 1953 QEII full set + variations (27)  Mounted Mint 1 52.00
0115-0126 Cayman Islands ref-18 1938 KGVI Basic set of 14 + 115a 116a 119a 122b 123a (19)   Mounted Mint 1 40.00
0152-0163e Grenada 1938-1950 KGVI various designs - Full set (12) plus shades and perfs - some duplication (48 stamps)  Mounted Mint 1 300.00
0131-0150(50) Kenya-Uganda-Tang 1938-1954 KGVI various designs. Full set (20) plus majority of additional shades and perfs. (50 stamps) stc 1500  Mounted Mint 1 450.00
0158a-0179b Korea-South ref-126 1951 Participation in Korean War. Flags in national colours Part set (42 of 44) 2 of Italy missing   Mounted Mint 1 180.00
LOT0035 (0007-0176) Saudi Arabia 1916-1925 Nice mint selection identified as SG7,31,34,38,42/4,58,98,99,105,106,108,172.173c,176 also one mint unidentified plus a couple of used SG 35 and 38, (20)  Mixed Mint and Used 1 30.00
0190 0192 Madeira 1981 Regional Flowers part set (2)  Unmounted Mint 3 1.00
0014-0027 Tristan Da Cunha 1954 QEII Full Definitive set to 10s (14) stc 98  Mounted Mint 1 22.00
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